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Walk and Talk Therapy

With so much evidence for the therapeutic advantages of just being in nature, more and more counsellors are choosing to take therapy outside. 

Talking things through in a natural setting can bring perspective and help you understand your place in the great scheme of things. Sometimes you might want to connect to the therapeutic process once therapy has ended and being in the same place where you walked alongside your therapist can be really useful. 

£40 per session, dependent on your location

Therapy for Depression

Did you know that depression often has roots in expectation? Expectations of how others should treat us, expectations of ourselves, expectations about how the world should work. When our expectations are consistently not met, we start to form a negative view of ourselves, the world and other people. This feeling of being constantly let down can lead to a negative mindset. Talking through your experience and allowing yourself to loosen those expectations can really liberate you from the dark cloud of depression. 

Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction is a new area of mental health and you may have struggled in the past to find a counsellor who truly understands what it's like to sometimes prefer to live in a digital world where you can be whoever you want to be. 

The great thing about gaming addiction is that you don't have to stop completely. Those characters you created, the worlds you love are still waiting for you any time you choose to immerse yourself. The key is choice. 


Online Therapy

If online therapy appeals to you, you can choose from a range of platforms such as Zoom, email, and Skype. We'll use whichever style of communication you're most comfortable with so that you can concentrate on the therapy. 

£40 per session UK only

Counselling for Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural system which, when it works well, alerts us to potentially dangerous situations. If we listen to our anxiety, we avoid a dangerous situation and we stay safe. It's only when your anxiety starts seeing danger in non-dangerous situations that it becomes a problem. It can prevent you from living a full life, take up a massive amount of time and energy and sometimes even isolate you. Treating anxiety is a relatively simple process which requires you to be brave and honest with yourself. 

Online Addictions

Online addictions are becoming a huge problem mainly because of how accessible they are. Unlike most addictions you don't need lots of money, it's right at your fingertips and you don't even have to leave your home to get your fix. Porn addiction, addiction to social media, gambling addiction and gaming addiction often slide by unnoticed until they begin to have a massively detrimental effect on your wellbeing. 

Telephone Counselling

Some people find face-to-face contact uncomfortable at best, excruciating at worst. Or perhaps it's simply more convenient for you to talk on the phone. Whatever your reasons, telephone therapy is available. 

£40 per session UK only


Social games workshops help development of social skills for people of all ages. All that's required is a little imagination and a willingness to try something new. 

Whether it's a corporate event or a children's party, we provide fun, engaging activities for anyone who wants to take part.

Workshops start from one hour at £10 per person


Assertiveness Training

There are lots of reasons people choose assertiveness training. It could be that you over-react and lash out when you try to put your point across. It could be that you feel like people treat you like a doormat and are always walking all over you. Or maybe you've become aware that you try to manipulate people and situations because you just don't know how to ask for what you need. 


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