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Welcome to our Projects page. Here's where you can see the things we're working on outside of the office. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to find out more.
Family Playing Games
Play It Safe

Gaming addiction is an under-recognised area of mental health which Turn The Tide has been working towards combatting since 2015. 

Games are great fun and as we get older, we often forget the importance of play. Turn The Tide Therapy has created Play It Safe, a passion project aimed towards using the power of play to bring people together and help them form real, lasting connections. The project focuses on using social games, bored games and video games in a way which is healthy and promotes wellbeing. We're well aware of the communities who feel ostracised by society and hope to create safe ways for people to socialise who might otherwise find it difficult. 

Play It Safe aims to do exactly that - enjoy gaming safely, make gaming fun again, bring people together and combat isolation. 

Man Climbing

Creating something new or deciding your next step can be a daunting experience.

We all know that one person who is bursting with potential but somehow can't see it for themselves.

Take advantage of our Personal Consultation service which blends psychology and coaching methods to uncover your existing talents and find your inner motivation to propel you towards the goals you set for yourself. 

Theater Group

Perhaps you're planning a children's party, a corporate event, maybe something more specific like a group rehabilitation activity or trying to get some elderly folk up on their feet. Our tailored workshops can suit your needs, whatever they may be. 

Watch this space...

We live in a time of uncertainty and in a world on the brink of global change, anything is possible. We welcome your ideas, feedback and input. 

Watch this space for new and exciting projects. 

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